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Breath clean, Breathe free with the Aerovengers app in hand to give back your peace of mind.



About US

We are three young,  dynamic friends who teamed up during our MBA at Solvay Brussels School. 


Our inspiration and passion is to  deliver affordable, personal and mobile  air quality monitoring  that  helps 


  • people make healthier choices about how they work, live and play. 

  • governments craft  better environmental policies for their citizens 

  • businesses deliver healthier workplaces for their staff

We call our solution PAPA for Air Quality Monitoring



Your personal air talisman to bring good health and good luck by providing air insights


Cheaper than any other air quality monitoring solutions in the market in terms of offerings


Take it wherever you want (daily commute, picnic, running, jogging...)


Know what exactly you can do to improve air quality and take action about it

We are building a decentralized platform for air quality data.

Open, Reliable & Real-time Air Quality Monitoring. Come be a part of the smart neighborhoods of tomorrow.


Get full insights on your surrounding Air Quality data, what it means and what you can do about it. It will help you take educated and informed decision about the way you about your daily life


Take actions based on the Air Quality around you. Wear a mask, open a window, plant a tree, compare the timely data to see for improvement


Get your custom schedules depending on air quality data.

When  is the best time for your favorite outdoor activities like running, walking, exercising, cycling etc will be advised and synced with your calendar.


An inbuilt platform to discuss and share knowledge and findings on air quality and what we can do about it. Chat, post, share and give ideas. Platform by the people, for the people.


Your data is gold. Contribute towards a better tomorrow by sharing your data and in return get incentivezed.

Whenever someone accesses your data, you get paid. Data is open and accessible to all using Distributed ledger technology